Workers’ Compensation for Domestic Employees

When Michigan residents think about workers’ compensation, they may not initially consider their domestic employees. However, employers usually need to have workers’ compensation insurance so that it is available to domestic workers if they are injured.

According to the Washington Post, housekeepers, gardeners and nannies are all considered domestic employees. Other kinds of workers also fall under this category. A home health nurse who regularly comes to someone’s home and has a contract with the homeowner can also be considered a domestic worker. Workers’ compensation insurance is important to have because people are usually considered liable for any wounds their domestic workers sustain. Sometimes a homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover these employees, making it important that people understand the workers’ compensation requirements for domestic employees in Michigan.

Because domestic employees may do several tasks, it can also be beneficial for people to look over their automobile insurance. Insurance companies may not always cover domestic workers who regularly drive their employer’s car. People may want to ensure these workers are covered under their insurance, especially if grocery shopping or picking up the kids from school is an important part of their job. 

Workers’ compensation insurance can be beneficial for employers as well. says that having this insurance can sometimes prevent people from being sued if a domestic worker is hurt on the job. The number of hours an employee works usually determines whether someone needs workers’ compensation insurance. For at least one quarter of the year, a worker typically needs to be on the job for at least 35 hour a week.