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What is MIOSHA?

Like many others, you may worry about the consequences of an accident in the workplace, and what rights you may or may not have as an employee under Michigan law. In discussions of workers' compensation and workplace safety, you may have heard the term "MIOSHA." But what does MIOSHA stand for, and how does it protect you?

MIOSHA is short for the Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Act, and according to this regulation, passed in 1974, details the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers under Michigan occupational safety law. Under MIOSHA, employers are legally obligated to ensure employees are provided with a safe work environment, clear and updated information on your rights and protections, employee representation during incident investigations and a system by which to notify employers of hazards.

Conversely, employees are granted the right to a workplace free from substances or situations that could be seriously harmful or even deadly. You should be offered personal protective equipment in necessary situations at cost to your employer. You have the right to report a violation with full confidentiality. You cannot be denied wages or fringe benefits for participating in a MIOSHA investigation, but you are allowed to be present at meetings between your employer and MIOSHA regarding investigations. These provisions and many more are legally codified as part of Michigan occupational health and safety law as part of MIOSHA.

This information is provided for reference purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel.

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