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April 2018 Archives

Can I receive Social Security disability if I am obese?

While many unfairly characterize obesity as simply a personal problem, obesity can lead to mental and physical health problems that can severely impact your life and ability to function. The difficulty of combating obesity and understanding it as a disease rather than a personal matter has made it hard to establish criteria for obesity as a disability, but does that mean you should be denied disability benefits for being obese? While your Michigan physician may be able to classify you as medically obese, the path to Social Security disability benefits is as complex as understanding the disease itself.

Are federal employees covered by Michigan workers' compensation?

When you work for a federal agency established in Michigan, you want to know that in the event of a workplace injury, you are covered by workers' compensation laws and able to seek recompense for losses, damages, and medical treatment. Yet considering that both the state and federal government have laws governing workers' compensation, which takes precedence in the event of a federal employee's injury? Are you covered by Michigan law, or federal law?

Potholes, downed signs, and traffic light outages

There are a wide variety of hazards on roads across the country, from the negligent behavior of other drivers to inclement weather. However, there are other risks that drivers should be mindful of, such as downed signs, traffic light outages, potholes, and related problems. While some may not think these pose too much of a threat, they can increase the likelihood of a collision that proves fatal or results in devastating injuries. As a result, it is pivotal to watch out for these problems whenever you get behind the wheel.

My love died in a car accident. Should I file a lawsuit?

It is devastating to lose a loved one, but it is especially traumatic to lose a loved one in an accident caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person. Fatal car accidents can devastate a Michigan family emotionally and financially. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one from a car accident, there could be legal options available to your family. 

How often are Social Security Disability Benefits denied?

After hearing horror stories of denied claims and appeals for Social Security Disability Benefits often based on the smallest technicality, the idea of sitting in your Michigan home and taking on the task fo applying for benefits on your own can be terrifying. You may be afraid of making a single mistake that will cause your application to be rejected, with appeals often taking years although you need assistance now. But how factual are those fears, and how often are disability benefits applications denied?

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