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On-the-job pedestrian accidents

Going to work every day can be hard for people in various professions. However, daily job duties can be especially difficult for some workers, such as those who have physically demanding positions. Moreover, some workers are exposed to certain risks while working, such as people who find themselves in traffic on a daily basis. Not only can traffic crashes affect those who drive delivery trucks, semis, taxis and other vehicles as part of their job duties, but some people may even be injured or killed in a pedestrian accident at work.

How long can I get benefits?

Getting approved to receive Social Security disability benefits in Michigan may be a huge relief. It can take a while to get the approval and actually start to receive your payments. So, you may not be thinking ahead to the future at this point, but it is a good idea to know just how long these payments will continue to come.

Workplace transportation incidents lead to high fatality rates

Michigan employees who drive as part of their job are at higher risk for serious injuries and death than other workers. This leads not only to a lot of pain and heartache for family members, but it also results in expensive workers' compensation claims. Employers should make sure they incorporate safe driving training and protocols to help decrease the number of accidents. 

What does an employer have to do regarding workers' compensation?

Most Michigan workers are likely aware they could be eligible for certain types of benefits and support in the event they suffer an injury in a work-related accident. Injured workers are entitled to benefits through workers' compensation insurance, but it can be important for individuals to fully understand their rights after a work accident. When you know your rights and what to expect, it can be easier to protect your interests.

Pay attention to symptoms after a car accident

Drivers and passengers in Michigan who have been involved in an accident often have to deal with a lot of stuff afterwards. Besides exchanging information with the other drivers involved and filling out an accident report, there is dealing with the insurance company and making arrangements for vehicle repair. If a minor ache or pain is noticed, it is possible the victim will not do anything about it because it may not seem like a big deal. Unfortunately, symptoms sometimes take a little while to show up and, if not taken care of, they can lead to more serious issues. Car accident victims should be aware of these symptoms so they can get the necessary medical help.

How does the OSHA inspection process work?

If you are an employee in Michigan who feels your workplace is not following safety protocols, you may want to report your employer to OSHA. You can file a complaint anonymously, and the type of inspection OSHA will conduct depends on the specific complaint and situation. 

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