How Often Are Social Security Disability Benefits Denied?

After hearing horror stories of denied claims and appeals for Social Security Disability Benefits often based on the smallest technicality, the idea of sitting in your Michigan home and taking on the task of applying for benefits on your own can be terrifying. You may be afraid of making a single mistake that will cause your application to be rejected, with appeals often taking years although you need assistance now. But how factual are those fears, and how often are disability benefits applications denied?

The Social Security Administration runs annual reports on rates of approval or denial, and those reports show the majority of applications are, in fact, rejected. The average approval rate is only 23 to 25 percent, with denials at 62 percent. Only a thin sliver of applicants reverse a denial on appeal, with from two to nine percent appealing successfully. This does not mean you should give up hope, however.

Many applications are denied for nonmedical reasons. This can include incomplete forms, inaccurate information, or mistakes in your application. You can reduce the odds of denial through careful completion of your application forms, seeking help as needed. A perfect application form is not a guarantee of approval, but it can eliminate another factor that may impact your chances. You can also speak to your healthcare professionals to educate yourself regarding your disability and the medical information required to successfully complete your application.

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