How Long Can You Receive Disability Insurance?

If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working in Michigan, there is a good chance you are receiving social security disability benefits to help counteract the loss of income. You may be wondering if these benefits ever go away. As long as your disability does not get better, you should be able to receive benefits until regular retirement kicks in. However, there are instances in which your benefits decrease or go away completely.

According to USA Today, the Social Security Administration performs a case review every once in a while to confirm your situation is the same. If doctors’ notes reveal your health is better, there is a chance you will see a change in your cash and health insurance benefits. However, if nothing is different, you will continue to receive the same amount. If the case review shows you are working at a new job, your benefits may also change depending on the amount of income you are making.

If you are still disabled but you want to go back to work in some capacity, the Social Security Administration discusses the Ticket to Work program. Its design is to get people back into the workforce so they can not only become financially independent but also increase they abilities, sense of purpose and confidence. Some tools of this program that are available to potential workers include:

  • Support services
  • Vocational rehab services
  • Employment placement services

One of the benefits of participating in Ticket to Work is you are not subject to a case review during the time you are in the program. If you do enter into employment, you have a grace period in which you continue to receive benefits in case the job does not work out.