Keep Your Child Safe While Traveling With Others

As a parent in Michigan, you know it is the law that your child uses a car seat or other safety seat while riding in your car. However, what if you are riding with a friend or you are taking Uber or a cab? Are you aware of the laws surrounding child safety in these situations? Do you know how to attach a car seat to other vehicles? This information is important to know so you can ensure your child’s safety even when you are not the one driving.

According to Kids Ride Safe, each state outlines what the laws are regarding the usage of safety seats in rideshare and for-hire vehicles. In Michigan, the law is not crystal clear, which can be confusing for parents. It is lawful to use a restraint system for children three and under, and it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure this occurs, but the law does not state whether this extends to drivers of rideshare vehicles.

The same rings true in regard to cabs and, in fact, many states exempt these and other for-hire vehicles from child restraint laws. However, as a parent the safety of your child should be the most important, so whether it is the law or not, you should always use the proper safety seat. If you are unsure how to attach a seat to another car, Fit Pregnancy walks you through the steps. While you may use a base for a car seat in your car, this is not a necessary piece of equipment, so you can leave it at home. All cars should have a tether or LATCH system to secure a car seat, and you can use seat belts for older kids’ safety seats. Once you do it a few times, you will see it is easy and it also gives you more freedom to take your child with you.