Is Social Security Disability Enough for Injury-Related Expenses?

In a scenario you never hoped to deal with in your life, a workplace injury has left you temporarily or permanently disabled. While workers’ compensation under Michigan law may be an option for medical expenses, what if you need long-term care well beyond what any monthly pension or settlement payment can cover? Can you find appropriate coverage for your medical expenses with Social Security disability benefits?

If you are approved as disabled and a qualified recipient of Social Security disability benefits, then those benefits may cover your medical expenses – but there is no fixed guarantee. Social Security benefits are often fixed, and that amount is contingent on income from other sources so that your other benefits may actually undercut your Social Security eligibility. However, according to the website, a small group of qualified beneficiaries may be qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Disability insurance under Social Security provides coverage and particular Medicare benefits for beneficiaries who suffer from residual disability from workplace injuries. At times, disability insurance can provide coverage where workers’ compensation or other social services programs fall short in assisting with medical and living expenses on a fixed disability income. For injured workers who may not necessarily be permanently disabled, disability insurance may also be an option. However, the classification of injuries covered under the SSA DI program is much more limited and may require more strict criteria to qualify.

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