Common Workplace Injuries and Their Prevention

Workers in Michigan, no matter what industry they are in, need to practice safety while performing their job. Knowing the top injuries and what causes them can help employers and employees devise solutions and preventive measures to decrease the incidents of workers’ compensation claims.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, injuries that are most widespread include sprains and strains, punctures, bruises, fractures and inflammation. These damages are caused by five main things. These include:

  • Handling objects or materials (responsible for around 33% of injuries)
  • Falls and slips
  • Being hit by or running into an object
  • Accidents concerning hand-held and electric tools
  • Overuse trauma

Injuries, even minor ones, can severely impact the productivity and operations of a company. While workers’ comp insurance is available to help the injured worker, the best practice is to implement procedures and programs that cut down on the number of workplace accidents.

According to Eastern Kentucky University, the most effective strategy is to provide regular training for both employers and employees. When the work environment is one that promotes safety, the risks are decreased and resolutions are proposed quickly when a problem is encountered.

Any worker working with dangerous materials or in hazardous environments need to wear protective equipment. If the job entails working in a hazardous situation for long periods of time, employees should be rotated often. Knowing how to properly dispose of hazardous materials, and having proper ventilation, can help a lot when working with gas or dangerous substances. Following appropriate protocol helps the employer’s bottom line as well as the health and longevity of the employee.