How Can Social Security Disability Help Me?

If you are a worker in Michigan who has a disability that prevents you from working, you may be feeling a lot of stress. How do you pay your bills? Will you even be able to work again? Fortunately the government offers social security disability benefits to help those with disabilities.

According to the Social Security Administration, a worker must meet a number of requirements in order to qualify for these benefits. The first is to meet the definition of disability, and there are three factors involved. To qualify, the worker is not able to perform the tasks associated with his or her job and the SSA determines the worker is unable to work in another capacity. The disability must also be long-term, in that it lasts at least one year or until death.

Other requirements include the worker needs to have:

  • Worked in jobs in which social security is covered
  • Earned at least 40 work credits with half of them being earned within the last 10 years 

The AARP discusses another advantage of social security disability benefits, and that is the Ticket to Work program. This encourages disabled workers to become financially independent again by giving them tools to help them return to work. Some of the features of the program include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational training 
  • Employment assistance
  • Referrals for potential jobs

Participants who do return to work get a trial period to ensure they are able to sustain the job. Disability benefits continue for a minimum of nine months, and then benefits may be available for 36 months, and this amount is dependent on how much money the worker earns from the job.