Can Someone Else Complete My SSD Application?

If you are seeking eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits, you may have trouble with completing the application for the precise reason you need it. However, you may have a Michigan-based caretaker, friend or loved one willing to help you. If your disability, whether physical or mental, prevents you from completing the application independently, can someone you trust complete the application on your behalf?

Yes. In fact, the Social Security Administration provides excellent instructions on how to allow someone else to complete your benefits application on your behalf. You do not even have to authorize them as an official legal representative so long as you are present to grant permission and sign the application for yourself. This particularly refers to the online application versus a physical application. Your representative can complete either the online or physical application for you, but the final signature must be yours.

If you are able to sign the online application once the person assisting you has completed it, then it will immediately be sent to the Social Security Administration for processing. If you are unable to complete the signature stage of the online application, then the person filling out the application for you must request that the application be sent to you as a physical form so that you might sign to the best of your capability.

This has been an informational blog post that has been written and distributed for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel, or be considered actionable in court.