Advantages of a Professionally Prepared Application

The Benefits of a Professionally Prepared Disability Application

Most people are shocked to hear estimates that over 70 percent of Social Security Disability claims are initially denied. Disabled people who need benefits are even more troubled when they learn how long and intimidating the process of appealing an unfair claim denial can be.

A May 2010 article in the Detroit Free Press and on the companion website stated that the backlog of pending Social Security Disability claims in Michigan had climbed to 40,000 cases.

Please contact the Adler Firm, PLLC, at (888) 966-9524 if you are applying for Social Security and want to have your application properly prepared. We have offices in Detroit and Traverse City. Based on experience, this can substantially improve your chance of avoiding an appeal process that can take two years or longer.

Our Legal Team Is Here to Help You Before Your Claim Can Be Denied

Many Social Security Disability lawyers will get involved only if your claim has already been denied. They will tell you filling out the application is something you can and should do yourself, and to call back if you get a denial letter. At the Adler Firm, PLLC, we don’t work that way. We are “Michigan disability application attorneys” as well as accomplished veteran lawyers who can take your case through a hearing before a judge if necessary.

Our Mission: Keeping You Out of an Overburdened Appeal System

Our efforts on the front end for you include:

  • Making every effort to characterize your disabling medical condition — whether physical or mental — to fit the SSA list of impairments, and using more formal or “clinical” language we know government evaluators understand
  • Dealing proactively with issues we know from experience can give evaluators a reason to deny your claim
  • When possible, filing all necessary application forms online for you after telephone contact, without requiring you to travel to our Traverse City (metro Detroit area) office

Do You Want to Get Benefits Sooner, Rather Than Much Later?

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