How Long Can I Get Benefits?

Getting approved to receive Social Security disability benefits in Michigan may be a huge relief. It can take a while to get the approval and actually start to receive your payments. So, you may not be thinking ahead to the future at this point, but it is a good idea to know just how long these payments will continue to come.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are two situations that could end your disability benefits. The most common reason you will stop receiving benefits is that you reach retirement age and are eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits. When this happens, your disability payments are changed to your retirement payments. This could change the amount you receive. The same is true if you are a widow or widower who reaches full retirement age.

The second situation is if your condition improves or you are able to get a treatment that enables to you work again. As soon as you are able to work, you cease being eligible to receive SSDI. It is your responsibility to report changes in your condition to the SSA, but the agency will also check with you on a regular basis and require documentation to prove you are still legally disabled.

You could also lose your benefits if you fail to respond to requests by the SSA. For example, if you are asked for verification documentation and do not provide it, the SSA can suspend your benefits. It is essential to pay attention to any mail you receive from the SSA and respond quickly. This information if for education and is not legal advice.