On-the-Job Pedestrian Accidents

Going to work every day can be hard for people in various professions. However, daily job duties can be especially difficult for some workers, such as those who have physically demanding positions. Moreover, some workers are exposed to certain risks while working, such as people who find themselves in traffic on a daily basis. Not only can traffic crashes affect those who drive delivery trucks, semis, taxis and other vehicles as part of their job duties, but some people may even be injured or killed in a pedestrian accident at work.

There are various ways in which on-the-job pedestrian accidents can occur. Some people may be struck by a company vehicle while they are working inside of a company’s garage or parking lot. Moreover, employees may also be injured while they are working around traffic. For example, a road construction worker may be hit by a vehicle, someone hired to hold a sign may be struck by a reckless driver or a worker may be hit by a car while they are running errands for their employer or manager (such as picking up lunch at a nearby restaurant).

Work-related pedestrian accidents happen in various ways, but they can be devastating for injured workers and their loved ones. Some pass away in these accidents and others are seriously hurt. Some of the consequences of a workplace accident include broken bones, brain trauma, costly medical bills, lost wages, emotional pain and other examples of suffering. Injured workers should know their rights and be aware of any legal options which may be a possibility.