Pay Attention to Symptoms After a Car Accident

Drivers and passengers in Michigan who have been involved in an accident often have to deal with a lot of stuff afterwards. Besides exchanging information with the other drivers involved and filling out an accident report, there is dealing with the insurance company and making arrangements for vehicle repair. If a minor ache or pain is noticed, it is possible the victim will not do anything about it because it may not seem like a big deal. Unfortunately, symptoms sometimes take a little while to show up and, if not taken care of, they can lead to more serious issues. Car accident victims should be aware of these symptoms so they can get the necessary medical help.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, over two million people are injured in car wrecks in the United States every year. Because insurance companies and/or the guilty parties are largely responsible for paying for medical care due to injuries, there is no excuse for someone not getting the care they need.

KTAR News reports on the most common symptoms that show up right after, or even days after, a car accident. These include:

  • Stiffness or pain in the neck or shoulder
  • Headaches
  • Numbness
  • Back pain
  • Pain or swelling in the abdomen
  • Personality changes
  • Disturbing memories of the accident 

These symptoms can be the result of a manageable condition, such as minor whiplash, or they can be a sign of a life-threatening injury. Victims who do not seek medical attention are at risk of long-lasting chronic issues or even death, which is why no symptoms are too minor to ignore.