What Does an Employer Have to Do Regarding Workers’ Compensation?

Most Michigan workers are likely aware they could be eligible for certain types of benefits and support in the event they suffer an injury in a work-related accident. Injured workers are entitled to benefits through workers’ compensation insurance, but it can be important for individuals to fully understand their rights after a work accident. When you know your rights and what to expect, it can be easier to protect your interests.

Employers have certain obligations toward their employers. They are responsible for making workplaces as safe as reasonably possible, and most have to carry workers’ compensation insurance. There are specific requirements for employers in the event of a work accident or an employee filing a workers’ compensation benefits claim.

What can you expect from your boss?

One of the primary requirements of many types of employers is to carry the right type of insurance in case of a work accident. Additionally, your employer cannot stand between you and your rightful benefits or do anything that compromises your interests or recovery. Some of the things you can expect from your employer when filing a claim include the following:

  • Employers have to post a notice where employees can see it indicating they comply with insurance requirements.
  • Employers must take immediate action to call for emergency medical care if necessary after a workplace accident.
  • Employers have to complete a report about a work accident and submit it to the local workers’ compensation office.
  • Employers have to comply with any additional requests for information from the injured employee or the workers’ compensation office.

Employers cannot discourage you from filing a claim, and it is inappropriate for a boss to do things to intentionally undermine or delay your claim. Many injured employees find it beneficial to have help as they pursue benefits and financial support for their recovery needs. 

What do you need to get better?

What a person needs to recover after a work accident differs on a case-by-case basis. You have the right to pursue the benefits you need, as well as to maximize the amount of benefits available to you, in order to fully recover.

A complete evaluation of your case before you file a claim can help you understand what benefits may be available to you and how to move forward with the appropriate course of action. It is also a helpful step if you wish to learn more about your rights as an injured worker.