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January 2019 Archives

Things you should know about workers' compensation benefits

If you suffer an injury or illness on the job in Michigan, you may be eligible for benefits through workers' compensation. Some businesses are exempt from providing this benefit, but most companies must provide this insurance, which covers a number of different things.

Does your brain injury make you eligible for disability benefits?

If you have a brain injury in Michigan, you may be wondering if you are eligible for disability benefits. There are different severity levels of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), so it may depend on how severe your situation is and how it affects your ability to function on the job. 

Auto accidents and vacation plans

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, it can throw a victim’s life off in all sorts of ways. They may have to miss out on work because they were hurt in the wreck, or they could have a hard time with hospital expenses or feel very depressed. There are many other ways in which lives are shattered as a result of auto accidents and some of the other crash-related consequences should not be overlooked. For example, someone who may have been planning a vacation may be forced to cancel their plans after a wreck.

How to reduce distracted driving in Michigan in 2019

If you have been on the road lately, you may have noticed drivers who are not looking at the road, but are looking at their phones instead. With their advent and rapid rise in their technological advances and popularity, cell phones are now part of our daily lives. However, one place where cell phones do not belong is behind the wheel.

You may be able to get disability benefits for PTSD

If you are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Michigan, and it is affecting your ability to work to your previous ability, you may be eligible to receive social security disability benefits. Whether you are a victim of a traumatic event, are a veteran or cannot recover from a violent crime, the related symptoms can be debilitating and prevent you from performing your job.

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