Caution Signs Are Not Enough to Keep Your Business Safe

When it comes to creating a safe work environment in Michigan, many business owners turn to the usual solutions. Every so often, there is safety training. Employees are encouraged to report unsafe activities. Caution signs are placed where needed. While these are certainly recommended and even required actions for promoting safety, they do not accomplish much on their own.

Because of this, Forbes recommends digging a little deeper into company culture and hiring practices to  create a safer work environment. For example, the personality and overall behavioral expectations of managers and employees set a certain tone in the workplace. If the manager does not make a personal commitment to maintaining safe premises, employees probably will not take on this responsibility either.

Fear is another factor that should not make it into the workplace. Forbes points out that where there is fear, there are secrets. A secretive work environment means that a lot of unsafe and unethical practices will remain unreported. Management may not know half of what really goes on, on site. This makes it even more difficult to keep employees, visitors and customers safe.

Hiring the right employees may help to create a work environment that promotes a teamwork approach to safety. Studies show that even some of the best executives are terrible at hiring, so if turnover rates are high and employees hired do not turn out to be good workers, this role may be better off delegated to someone with a stronger background in recruiting.

CNN reports that in 2015, workplace accidents led to almost 3,000 amputations. In order to see a reduction in numbers like these, companies need to reconsider their approach to safety in the workplace. As the records show, signs and half-hearted training sheets are just not enough.