SSD May Help Pay Catastrophic Burn Recovery Costs

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in Michigan. Caution and situational awareness at all times can prevent many devastating injuries, such as falls. However, when there are flammable materials or the chance of electrocution involved, attention to detail and adherence to safety precautions is essential. At Alder Firm, PLLC, we have experience representing clients applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries sustained on the job.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, catastrophic burns can result from a variety of sources. Chemical burns are the result of alkalies, solvents, detergents and strong acids coming into contact with your body. Electrical burns can occur as a result of contact with alternating or direct current. Radiation burns are due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, x-rays or other sources of radiation. Thermal burns result when heat sources raise the temperature of tissue and skin, causing cell death or charring. Hot metal, steam, flames and scalding liquids are the most frequent burn sources.

Local hospitals typically treat first and second-degree burns. However, patients may require specialized care if the body has burns covering more than 10 percent of the total body surface area or if they meet the following criteria:

  • Burns extend around the body
  • Hands, face, feet, groin or genital areas have burns
  • The injury affects the lungs or airway
  • The patient has existing chronic conditions including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or MS
  • The burn is chemical or electrical

Loss of wages during recovery and the ability to function normally after healing are a few of the devastating results of a burn injury. Recovery can take months or years and typically involves a team of specialists, from general and plastic surgeons to physical therapists and psychologies. Social security disability can help with the bills that result from your injury. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.