Man Killed in Trench Collapse, Company Fined

When construction companies begin working on a new project in Michigan, they often implement stringent protocols to maintain safety for their workers. The construction site may be regularly monitored by superiors who help to identify and manage potential risks that could become dangerous if left unnoticed. However, there are times when corners are cut and a seemingly simple oversight can put the lives of workers at the construction site in immediate danger. 

This is what happened in a situation that occurred in Daly City, California when a man was killed after a trench he was working in collapsed on him. The trench was 14 feet high and had been noticeably unstable, yet no precautions were taken to stabilize the areas for the workers’ safety. Upon noticing signs that the ground was unstable, the company continued to instruct workers to excavate the area. 

The initial collapse trapped two men, one of which was able to get out, but the other was buried and was later found and pronounced dead. The company’s actions were criticized heavily and they were recently ordered to pay $242K in fines for ignoring the signs of danger that were noticed and ultimately endangering their employees. 

If people have been injured in an accident at work, they may be eligible to receive compensation especially if their employer acted negligently. An attorney can help guide injured workers in the direction they should go if they are interested in building a case against their employer. 

Source:, “Pipeline Company fined $242K In Fatal Daly City Trench Collapse,” Feb. 13, 2019