Dangers as a Construction Worker

Summertime in Michigan also means construction time. From road repair to new buildings, there is a lot of work for those in the industry, and this means more accidents. Both employers and employees should be aware of the common dangers and make sure there are proper training and safety precautions. 

According to Safety and Health Magazine, one of the issues is that when demand for jobs increases, there are more inexperienced and new employees who do not fully understand all the safety issues. To help combat this, there has been more of a shift to identify the most common risks and train and retrain employees about them. Focus is mainly on the four hazards that kill two-thirds of construction workers. These include falls, struck-by, electrocution and caught-in or caught-between situations. 

Out of these four, falls kill the most workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration outlines some safety solutions for this issue as well as for other construction hazards. Some fall safety tips include:

  • Put up guardrails with toe boards on roofs and floor edges
  • Use elevated platforms or lifts
  • Cover holes in the floor
  • Use body harnesses or safety nets

Scaffolding equipment is another hazard that many workers face. Everyone must make sure the scaffold is rigid and solid, that it has tight planks, the accessories are in good working order and that they stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.

Employees who work around toxic and dangerous chemicals need to take certain precautions as well. There needs to be a safety data sheet for each chemical, and workers must understand what it means. There should be a safe storage plan for all chemicals as well as a plan for controlling and cleaning up spills.