How Can Spinal Cord Injuries Manifest After a Crash?

The life altering effects of a spinal cord injury can be easily apparent after a car accident. Some Michigan car crash victims are paralyzed to varying degrees and spend the rest of their lives physically disabled. However, not all spinal cord damage shows itself immediately and not all symptoms are paralytic in nature. There are many different symptoms that many manifest some time after an automobile accident.

The Mayo Clinic describes how a person’s body functions can be disrupted following a spinal cord injury. People may experience problems sensing warmth or cold through touch, or perhaps fully lose the ability to experience sensations in their limbs. Injury victims may also have problems with bowel control or being intimate with a partner. It is also possible that spinal cord damage can inhibit someone from becoming pregnant or impregnating a person.

While it is possible to avoid paralytic injury, it does not mean a spinal cord injury victim would not have any problems walking otherwise. Following a car crash, a person might experience balancing issues. Reflex motions can become more exaggerated. It is also possible to feel pain while walking. Muscle control can be impacted, as some people experience spasms, which is a tightening of the muscles, or an opposite effect where the muscles become limp and weak.

Recognizing spinal cord damage is important not only because another party can be held liable for a negligent act that causes your injury, but also to treat the injury before the symptoms become worse and potentially life threatening. Receiving a diagnosis of your injury might even help you treat your injury quickly enough before your injuries result in more severe or permanent damage to your body.

Car accidents can result in a wide variety of body injuries. For this reason, you should not consider this article as legal advice for your situation. Read it only for educational benefit.