What Are Some Job-Related Hazards That Truck Drivers Face?

Those who drive large trucks for a living face many different hazards every single day. Many people are aware of the different risks they may face on the road, and the consequences of a large truck crash can be devastating. However, there are other potential areas of concern that truck drivers should watch out for. For example, truck drivers face some other workplace hazards that have nothing to do with the road, and these can also lead to a debilitating injury.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many different job-related hazards that large truck drivers face each day. Aside from the likelihood of an accident taking place on the road, which can be especially likely when a truck driver is fatigued due to working for too long, there are many other hazards truck drivers should keep an eye out for. For example, some have to lift large objects, such as delivery truck drivers. Moreover, a truck driver may also become injured by overexerting themselves or falling down while on the job.

When something goes wrong at work, a trucker or someone employed in any other field may face many hardships as they try to recover from the accident. For example, they may have to deal with high levels of pain, or they may have mental trauma that interferes with their ability to continue performing their job duties. The financial consequences of workplace accidents, such as medical costs and missing out on wages that one is counting on, cannot be overlooked either.