Yellow hard hat lays on ground that is under construction with a fallen construction worker laying down next to the hat

5 Construction Injury Statistics You Need to know

As you know, construction work is naturally very dangerous. Accidents happen all the time, and unfortunately, workers are frequently injured.

As a construction industry worker, knowing some of the statistics about injuries sustained in the field can help you avoid accidents that may result in serious injuries. Here are five of the construction injury statistics you should be aware of:

#1 - In 2019, about 20% of the worker fatalities sustained in private industry were in construction, but construction workers only made up 6% of the U.S. workforce.

This accounts for one in five worker deaths for the year.

#2 - In 2018, a total of 61 fatal injuries occurred as a result of working with scaffolds and staging.

What makes this statistic so shocking and frustrating is that accidents of this nature can be controlled through compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

#3 - Approximately 250 incidents occur per every 10,000 full-time equivalent workers.

When construction laborers are out of work as a result of an injury, they tend to be out for an average of 12 days.

#4 - More construction laborers suffered on-the-job injuries in 2018 than in 2019.

In 2018, 20,430 construction laborers suffered on-the-job injuries and they required an average of 10 days off work to recover. In 2019, 19,790 construction laborers suffered on-the-job injuries and they required an average of 11 days off work to recover.

#5 - 60% of crane-related fatalities involve a falling object.

On average, there are 42 crane-related deaths per year.

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