Injured construction worker laying on the ground on an unfinished construction site as a coworker hovers over him

Can My Employer Retaliate Against Me For Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Employer Retaliation in Workers' Comp Claims

Being involved in an accident at work is never a pleasant experience. Not only can it cause serious harm and pain to your body, but it can also cause a lot of headaches.

You may fear that you’ll lose your job if you file a workers’ compensation claim, which is a completely rational fear to have. The last thing you want is for your income to be threatened even further as a result of the injury.

Here’s what you should know about employer retaliation due to filing a workers’ compensation claim:

Unfortunately, federal law does not protect employees from being fired as a result of filing a workers’ compensation claim.

However, it is against Michigan state law for your employer to let you go for filing a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, according to the Bureau of Workers’ Disability Compensation Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services, “Section 301(11) of the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act provides that an employer cannot discriminate against an employee because the employee exercised his or her rights under the Workers' Disability Compensation Act.”

You May Have a Case

If you were injured at work and need help filing for workers’ compensation, we’re here to assist you.

If your employer retaliates against you because you were injured at work and filed a workers’ compensation claim as a result, you may have a viable case against them. You shouldn’t have to suffer even more consequences for your injury just because your employer doesn’t want to pay what they legally owe you. We’ve helped many other people in similar situations recover the compensation that they were entitled to, and we may be able to help you, too.

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