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Workers’ compensation and pain and suffering payments

When a worker is injured on the job in Michigan, they may suffer from more than just the physical injury itself. They may also suffer from trauma related to the injury and a feeling of helplessness when it comes to caring for themselves. This may lead to depression, insomnia, PTSD and other related mental or emotional issues.

Potential benefits workers receive after a workplace injury

When workers in Michigan become injured on the job, they may worry about how they will care for themselves and their family. This is not limited to workers with blue collar jobs either. Even corporate workers may become ill from chemicals used in the workplace or in a lab. They may also become injured after a slip-and-fall accident.

Getting workers comp for hearing loss at the workplace

Not every worker in Michigan has the luxury of a corporate office job. Some people work in areas where loud noises are just a regular day at work. These job sites include manufacturing plants, processing plants, construction sites, mining, logging and even military training and deployment.

A car accident could result in workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation in Michigan is usually related to workplace accidents on the job. In fact, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs made no mention of workers’ compensation related to car accidents at the time of writing this article. All references regarded standard injuries on the job.

Things you should know about workers' compensation benefits

If you suffer an injury or illness on the job in Michigan, you may be eligible for benefits through workers' compensation. Some businesses are exempt from providing this benefit, but most companies must provide this insurance, which covers a number of different things.

Steps to reduce the effects of toxins at the workplace

As an employee in Michigan, you have a right to a healthy, safe workplace. However, there are potentially dangerous toxins in many work environments. Alder Firm, PLLC often represents clients seriously injured on the job due to unsafe conditions.

The dangers of working in the restaurant business

People who work in restaurants in Michigan are faced with many different safety hazards. Between the kitchen and dining room, there are many ways an employee can get hurt and this leads to higher workers' compensation claims. Employers need to recognize these issues and do everything in their power to reduce the risk to workers.

Stress and your job

The majority of workers in Michigan experience some type of stress in their jobs, which is normal. However, certain occupations have been found to be very stressful and, over time, this can lead to health problems, decreased productivity and other issues. When chronic stress is found to be directly caused by the job itself, the worker may be entitled to workers' compensation.

Prevention against hearing loss is imperative

There are certain occupations in Michigan that pose higher risks to employees than other industries. These risks include a variety of injuries and illnesses that can lead to workers' compensation claims. Hearing loss is one condition that affects many workers, and the results are often permanent and life-changing, which is why prevention is important.

Workplace transportation incidents lead to high fatality rates

Michigan employees who drive as part of their job are at higher risk for serious injuries and death than other workers. This leads not only to a lot of pain and heartache for family members, but it also results in expensive workers' compensation claims. Employers should make sure they incorporate safe driving training and protocols to help decrease the number of accidents. 

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