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Getting injured at work can turn your life upside-down, especially if your employer or an insurer doesn’t want to honor your workers’ compensation claim. Adler Firm, PLLC in Farmington Hills is here to help make things right again by providing you with unwavering legal counsel and representation. We are known throughout Michigan for combining compassionate legal assistance for our clients with an adamant opposition when going up against insurance companies. We’re ready to fight for you, just as we have for countless other clients in the last 30+ years.

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Who is Eligible for Workers’ Comp in Michigan?

An employer in Michigan with at least three employees or one full-time employee must purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover those employees. Because the majority of businesses meet these employee criteria, the majority of workers in the state are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Independent contractors, though, rarely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Eligibility also requires that you suffer an injury at work or while completing a work-related task. An insurance company can try to complicate your case by arguing that your injury was suffered elsewhere or that it was purely preexisting and not caused in relation to your job.

We Represent Clients from All Industries

Adler Firm, PLLC offers our legal services to workers in all industries throughout Michigan. No matter what you do to earn your pay, we are here to support you however we can when you need workers’ compensation benefits.

Call us if you work in these industries or fields and got hurt at work:

  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Doctor or nurse
  • Teacher
  • Retail worker
  • Grocery store clerk
  • Construction worker
  • Office worker
  • Truck driver

Serious Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Workers’ compensation should kick in if you suffer any sort of work-related injury or illness. As mentioned, as long as the harm was suffered due to your work, it should trigger eligibility for coverage.

Injuries often cited in workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • PTSD
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Neck, back, and spine injuries

We can network with medical experts to better understand your injury and the hardships it is causing in your day-to-day life. This extra step in forming a workers’ compensation claim becomes necessary when the responding insurance company tries to argue that you are exaggerating your injuries for more benefits. As proud legal champions for injured workers in Farmington Hills, we don’t hesitate to push back with convincing evidence and strong arguments on your behalf.

Michigan Workers’ Comp Benefits

What can you expect to receive through workers’ compensation benefits? There might be a number of different benefits available to you, depending on the severity of your injury. Overall, though, all benefits are designed to help you get back on your feet and working again without draining your finances.

Benefits you could receive through workers’ comp in Michigan include:

  • Medical treatments: Necessary medical treatments and procedures should be fully covered by the workers’ compensation insurance provider. If you have paid any deductibles or copays for treatments already, then you should be reimbursed for them. There could be trouble if the insurer tries to argue that you are receiving “optional” medical care, though.
  • Wage replacement: Each week, you can receive wage replacement benefits if your injury or illness disables you, making it so you cannot return to work at your normal capacity or at all. Most disabled workers receive 80% of their average weekly wages (after taxes are applied). The duration of disability pay will change based on the extent and type of disability you are experiencing.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: You could be provided training for a new job position at no cost to you if you cannot return to your normal line of work due to your disability. In some cases, vocational rehabilitation benefits will even pay for educational or certification courses to begin an entirely new career at a different employer.

Standing by to Help However We Can

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Farmington Hills are always ready to hear from new and returning clients who need help with a difficult, complicated, or denied workers’ comp claim. We have had the opportunity to represent workers from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. We’d like to see if we can help you with your case, too.

For a FREE consultation with our workers' compensation lawyers in Farmington Hills, dial (888) 966-9524.

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    “Adler firm is simply the best, everyone in the firm is caring and easy to reach. The Adler firm will always answer all your questions and keep you informed. Barry Adler is simply the best !!!!. He worked hard and long on my case and got me everything possi”

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    “My family and I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done.”

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    - Beverly K.

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