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Disability claim denied! Now what?

After your accident or illness, the bills have begun to pile up. You would like to go back to work, but it's just not possible. When you realized this, you filed for Social Security Disability benefits. Perhaps the thought of having some dependable income was a relief, and you were shocked when you received a notice that the Social Security Administration had denied your claim.

Promising research released concerning treatment of diabetes

There are continuing medical advances concerning diabetes that will hopefully someday make this illness a thing of the past. Certain surgical procedures such as stomach-reducing operations may prove more effective than the taking of many medications in treating both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Compassionate Allowance program for SSDI applicants

The Social Security Administration added 25 conditions concerning the Compassionate Allowance program pertaining to Social Security disability insurance. This program allows applicants with serious disabilities to receive SSDI benefits within days.

SSD and mental disorders: what the statistics say

Many people would say that society is more enlightened now than it was only a generation ago. From greater acceptance of racial diversity to a growing number of states with same-sex marriage laws, the cultural landscape is shifting in ways large and small.

Disability claims increase among veterans

It's been a few months since we wrote about disability among veterans. As we discussed in our January 18 post, there are now about 3.4 million disabled veterans in the U.S. These veterans come Michigan and every other state.

Advancements Made in Detection of Liver Disease?

Liver disease may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of an injury or illness that causes a person to miss work. What many people fail to realize is that the condition is often not detected until it is in advanced stages, which can make treating the illness extremely difficult.

Social Security Administration Issues Guidance on Fibromyalgia

When a person is suffering from an injury or illness that makes working impossible, quite often the condition is easy to see. However, not every injury or illness is easy to diagnose, and this can make it extremely challenging for individuals with these illnesses to make ends meet.

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