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Disability claim denied! Now what?

After your accident or illness, the bills have begun to pile up. You would like to go back to work, but it's just not possible. When you realized this, you filed for Social Security Disability benefits. Perhaps the thought of having some dependable income was a relief, and you were shocked when you received a notice that the Social Security Administration had denied your claim.

Social security and back pay

When you are injured and it leaves you disabled there is a serious adjustment process that takes months, not days or weeks, to sort out. Life doesn't pick up neatly the next day and sometimes putting all the pieces back together takes a long time. Opportunities and resources may not come to mind or maybe you are too busy with physical therapy and family matters to attend to the necessary paperwork. Re-learning the basics is a chore, and swimming through bureaucratic red tape is at the bottom of the list.

What are 'compassionate allowances' under the SSD system?

If you have become so disabled that you cannot work, waiting for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits can be difficult. After all, you’ve been got bills to pay, even when your impairments have forced you out of the workforce.

What it takes to qualify for SSDI

Most of us have heard that a record number of Americans are now receiving Social Security Disability benefits, but there seems to be a lot of confusion in Michigan and the rest of the country over how a person can qualify for the government assistance program.

Can my creditors garnish my disability benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are available to assist disabled individuals when they cannot work or support themselves financially. Because these benefits only provide enough funds to help meet a person’s basic needs, some SSD recipients end up getting into debt.

What to Know About a Disability Claims Review Process

After suffering from a debilitating injury you may feel overwhelmed with questions and doubts about what your future holds. You may feel even more overwhelmed when you unexpectedly receive a letter in the mail telling you that your medical condition is being "reviewed" by the Social Security Administration. "What does this mean?" And "How will this affect me and my family?"

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