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Cost of living calculations: chained CPI would affect SSD

No one is going to get rich receiving Social Security disability benefits. But such benefits can be a lifeline for those who receive them. In Southeast Michigan and across the nation, they are vital to helping people make ends meet after disabling conditions keep them from working.

Many healthcare facilities lag in compliance with ADA

Airports that make it excessively difficult for travelers with disabilities are bad enough. We discussed that problem in last week's post. This week, we'll look at a problem that in many ways is even worse: doctors' officers that aren't equipped for patients with disabilities.

Kids and Social Security disability: what are the options?

There is more than one way that a child can qualify for Social Security disability benefits. To understand this, it's important to keep in mind that the term Social Security disability actually refers to two different programs.

Down syndrome and disability: findings ways to cope

The odds tend to be stacked against people with Down syndrome. After all, they are facing a genetic disorder that often causes learning disabilities in children and results in mental retardation in varying degrees. There are also a variety of other potential complications, including greatly reduced life expectancy.

SSI program going strong at 40

It's a natural human desire to want to work. Sometimes, however, disabling conditions prevent that from happening. If you've already been working for awhile before the disability occurs, and paying into the Social Security system, then you may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance benefits.

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