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Lawmakers accuse disability judges of approving too many claims

This week on Capitol Hill, several Social Security Administration judges defended themselves against allegations that they are approving too many disability claims. Administration law judges decide appeals of disability claims that have been denied at least once in the past.

Proposal may affect SSDI recipients collecting unemployment

One commentator has expressed concerns about the proposed budget introduced by President Obama. This proposal would reportedly involve disallowing of disability benefits for individuals that are collecting unemployment.

SSA proposal would require producing of more medical information

The Social Security Administration appears to be tightening rules for individuals applying for disability benefits. Under a new proposal, applicants will be asked to provide what is considered all relevant medical information to the government. This will be the case even it appears individuals are unable to work.

SSA to check backgrounds of beneficiaries' representative payees

A couple of years ago, a shocking case of abuse came to light. In what is now known as the “Tacony dungeon” case, four Social Security disability beneficiaries with mental disabilities were found imprisoned in a filthy basement. Their captors allegedly kept them there to steal their SSD benefits, which was apparently accomplished through the simple expedient of signing up as their victims’ “representative payees.”

Demography and disability: study notes impact of age on SSD claims

As with any important and complex system, the Social Security disability (SSD) system has myths and misconceptions surrounding it. One of those myths about SSD is that the system has expanded beyond what Congress intended.

Backlog of veterans' disability claims: a post-shutdown update

Throughout the year, we've been following the problem of the backlog in processing claims by veterans for disability benefits. The year began with a big backlog of those claims. But the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) agreed to collaborate more closely to expedite the processing of claims. And over the summer, the VA approved a "surge" of overtime work to reduce the waiting times for benefits.

Amid the budget battle, remembering the rationale for SSD

Critics who try to paint the Social Security disability (SSD) system as excessively expansive are out in force again as the partial government shutdown continues. Checks continue to go out for now, as we discussed last week.

Veterans and disability benefits: president addresses claims backlog

We've been closely following the issue of excessive backlogs in the processing of veterans' disability claims. The Veterans Administration (VA) and the Social Security Administration have been trying to coordinate their efforts better and bring the backlog down so that disabled veterans can get the benefits they need.

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