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Why might your Social Security disability benefits be denied?

When your disability becomes catastrophic and life-changing, Social Security disability benefits may be your only option for a living income. When applying for Social Security benefits, you must meet certain criteria for disability or your request will be denied. These requirements are set out not by the state of Michigan, but by the United States Social Security Administration. States have little to no determination in Social Security disability benefits cases.

Hematological disorders and disability benefits

You know that when your child has a hematological disorder, your life can quickly become complicated. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, understand that this disorder can affect your child's life in profound ways and that it is important for you to know when your child can receive Social Security disability.

Documentation for Social Security Disability

When Michigan residents apply for Social Security Disability, they do not always think about the documentation needed to receive these benefits. While some people may find it easy to provide these documents, other people may have more difficulty with this part of the application.

Medical requirements for social security disability

Individuals in Michigan who have certain medical conditions may be eligible for social security benefits if these conditions impair the ability to work. In order to apply for these disability benefits, the impairments must be documented correctly by a medical professional and approved by the social security administration.

Understanding disability benefits for migraines

When you suffer from severe migraines in Michigan, you may feel that your only option is to take medication and push through the pain. However, migraines may sometimes be so intense that you are able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. We at Adler Stilman, PLLC, understand that sometimes it is difficult to know if you qualify for these benefits or not.

How do you get Social Security Disability for bipolar disorder?

When you live with bipolar disorder in Michigan, you understand how disabling the condition can be. A previous blog discussed the disability benefits you might be eligible for if you have a mental illness. This week’s blog will focus on filing to receive those benefits.

Am I qualified for disability if I have a rare disease?

Doctors have confirmed your diagnosis, and now your life may change forever. If your rare illness means you will not be able to continue working for a year or more, you will have to figure out a way to pay your bills. In addition, there are likely to be constant medical expenses related to your condition, including cost-prohibitive prescriptions and doctors who specialize in your rare disease. With no income and your regular bills to pay, you may have reached a point of despair.

The type of disability benefits available for mental illness

Individuals with qualifying medical conditions may be able to secure disability benefits if they are unable to work. The right to apply for these benefits also extends to individuals who have a diagnosed mental illness that precludes them from holding a steady job. Securing support for a mental condition can be a complex process, and Michigan applicants would be wise to secure legal support from as early as possible in the process.

Tax benefits to help a child with disabilities

When children need extra help, parents sometimes count every penny which comes into their Michigan home. Although parents may cringe at the thought of tax season, they may have access to more tax benefits because of their child’s disability. A previous blog discussed earned income tax credit. This week will focus on other kinds of tax benefits.

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