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Many young adults with autism not getting the support they need

A report by Drexel University’s A.J. Drexel Autism Institute revealed that many young adults with autism are struggling after high school. The report indicated that young adults on the spectrum often lack employment and don’t get the services they need in early adulthood.

New test provides definitive diagnosis for rare genetic disorders

Even with advanced medical diagnostic abilities, it’s not always possible to determine the cause of a child’s impairing condition. This is the situation parents from the Midwest found themselves in when their daughter developed multiple physical and mental impairments but doctors were at a loss as to what was going on.

Study: Postsecondary programs help intellectually disabled

Parents of children with intellectual disabilities often worry about what will happen to their children when they become adults. Will they be able to support themselves? Will they be able to find a job? These are just a couple of the questions that keep parents of children with intellectual disabilities up at night, especially when the children are reaching adulthood.

ABLE Act allows the disabled to save while staying on SSI

Special needs or pooled trusts can be created to allow money to be saved for a disabled beneficiary while the beneficiary remains eligible for government benefits, but these options can be confusing and expensive to create.

Many children on SSI lose eligibility as adults

Supplemental Security Income is a lifeline for millions of Americans who cannot work and have little to no income or assets. It is also available to the families of children who have a serious physical or mental disability as it, unlike Social Security Disability Income, does not require applicants to have a prior work history.

Is Supplemental Security Income the new welfare?

In the 1990s, welfare reform led to major cuts to the funds that are provided to the nation’s poorest families. After the Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) program, which provides financial assistance to disabled children, grew significantly over the past several years, many people are questioning whether the SSI program simply replaced welfare as a lifeline for struggling families.

Man with rare disease faces eviction while waiting for SSD

We often discuss on this blog how obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is rarely easy, even for people who need it most. This week, a heartbreaking story about a man who has been dealt an unfair hand in life only makes that point more clear.

When do children qualify for disability benefits?

Raising children is difficult, and it's expensive. But caring for a child with special needs can be even more emotionally and financially draining. Oftentimes, the special care required for children with disabilities can leave families scraping to get by each month.

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