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Social Security Administration News Archives

Obama’s plan to save disability program challenged

If you are one of the millions of Americans who depend on Social Security Disability benefits to make ends meet, you have every right to be concerned over reports that the disability program’s trust fund is set to run out in 2016, potentially leading to major cuts in benefits.

Republicans ban ‘Band-Aid’ solution to disability funds shortage

The Social Security Disability program’s trust fund is set to run out sometime during the last three months of 2016, and if that happens, 11 million SSD recipients could see devastating cuts to their benefits.

Will disability payments increase in 2015?

Yes, the Social Security Administration announced on Wednesday that Social Security benefits, including Social Security Disability benefits, will increase by 1.7 percent in 2015. The increase is based on the annual cost-of-living adjustment, otherwise known as COLA.

New program targets disability fraud in Michigan

As we all know, the Social Security Disability fund is running low. As we explained in a past post, there are societal and political reasons for the lack of funding, but instances of fraud within the system also siphon off money that should be going to those who really need it.

Three facts to remember about SSDI

The Social Security system's Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program has been the recipient of heavy scrutiny over the past few years, especially from certain members of Congress who believe that funds are being wasted while providing a lifeline to many of the nation's most vulnerable members.

Are the suggested changes to VA benefits a good idea?

While much of the nation is focusing its attention on the growing need for general Social Security disability benefits, few realize that the need for disability benefits for veterans is also on the rise. In 2013, there were 3.5 million veterans receiving disability benefits. That’s up from the 2.3 million in 2000.

Lawmaker says SSDI should be expanded, not cut

The federal government’s Social Security Disability Insurance program for disabled workers has been under fire in recent years because the number of Americans who are applying for and receiving benefits has increased significantly, causing fund reserves to run low.

Lawmakers accuse disability judges of approving too many claims

This week on Capitol Hill, several Social Security Administration judges defended themselves against allegations that they are approving too many disability claims. Administration law judges decide appeals of disability claims that have been denied at least once in the past.

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