Aviation Accidents

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If you were injured in an aviation accident involving a commercial airline, it is important to know that each injured person on the airplane will have a separate claim for compensation. Each passenger or crew member who suffered serious injury or loss of life in a plane crash will bring a different set of facts to a personal injury claim:

  • Income prior to the accident
  • Nature of the injury or injuries
  • Length of time that the person suffered before death, in a fatality case
  • Dollar amount of medical bills resulting from the injuries

Investigating a personal injury claim stemming from an airplane accident will require extensive review of both the injuries and the circumstances of the crash.

Adler Firm, PLLC, is a source of information and advice for injured people. Many of our clients were injured on the job or in auto accidents. In the rare event of an airplane crash, we are available to evaluate a claim and make recommendations as to how to pursue maximum available compensation.

We can help injured airplane crew members file workers’ compensation claims at the same time that any potential third-party claim is under investigation.

After an airplane accident in Michigan, lawyer analysis is as important as emergency medical care for the injured person. The sooner you bring the case to the attention of an experienced personal injury lawyer, the more readily that attorney can advise you on how to make a successful claim for compensation. Gathering necessary supporting evidence is best done in the immediate aftermath of an airplane crash.

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