Applying for Disability

How to Apply for Social Security Disability in Michigan

Filing for SSD Benefits

On the surface, applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Michigan is not difficult. If you believe you have a qualifying medical condition and meet the financial criteria, you can make an appointment at your nearest Social Security Administration (SSA) or fill out an application online.

Unfortunately, what no one is likely to tell you when you apply is that most people who file claims are initially denied benefits. At Adler Firm, PLLC, our Michigan attorney understands that most disabled people need to get their benefits as soon as they can. Having our professional team prepare and file your application — at no cost to you — could make the crucial difference. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs, as we’re more than happy to walk you through the application process and explain every detail to you if you wish. As a client-focused law firm, we strive to be as accessible as possible to clients in our community.

Learn more about the SSA’s disability programs and whether you qualify by calling our team for a free consultation at (888) 966-9524 or contact us online. We strive to be as accessible as possible for clients during this painful time.

How to Get Disability for Medical Conditions

One of the first things you must do to determine if you have a qualifying disability is to check Social Security’s Listing of Impairments. If your disability is listed, the first step towards qualification is to be diagnosed by your doctor if you haven’t been already. After a diagnosis, you must also determine whether your disability meets the criteria for your condition – criteria that can be complex.

Some additional steps you must take include getting clinical or laboratory tests. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can answer your questions and help you qualify for disability.

Why Do I Need to Apply ASAP?

It’s often recommended that individuals who become disabled apply for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible, as disability benefits won’t begin until the sixth full month of disability. The waiting period begins with the first full month after the date that the SSA decides your disability began. Our attorney can help you complete your application online in a timely manner so you can access your benefits as soon as possible.

Some disabilities that can qualify you to receive Social Security Disability include:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Mental disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Seizures
  • HIV
  • Extreme psoriasis
  • Blindness or deafness
  • Multiple sclerosis

Some information we collect from our clients includes your Social Security number and proof of age, names, addresses, and phone numbers of the doctors and hospitals that took care of you, names and dosages of medications you’re currently taking, laboratory and test results, and more. You will also need your most recent W-2 form. When you meet with us in a free consultation, we can help you gather all the information we need to file your claim successfully.

A Professionally Prepared Application Could Mean You Get Benefits Sooner

Our attorneys and staff work within the Social Security Administration (SSA) on-line system virtually every working day.

Many of our clients benefit from:

  • The convenience of consulting with us by telephone without having to travel, enabling us to complete their on-line applications efficiently
  • Confidence that their applications have been completed by professionals with decades of experience navigating this complex system and getting positive results for our clients
  • Positive results — and, in many cases, avoidance of an appeal-and-hearing process that can take several years — delivered through knowledgeable definition of their medical condition and other information provided on the application

How to Apply for SSD Benefits Online

Nowadays you can file for SSD benefits by going through the online application process found on the Social Security website. Before you apply for benefits, you need to gather the appropriate information and documents that you will need (if you will be enlisting our firm to file on your behalf, we will need the same information):

  1. Your Social Security number, date and place of birth
  2. The same information for your current or former spouse
  3. Names and DOBs for any of your minor children
  4. Electronic deposit details (bank account and routing number)
  5. Details about your illness or injuries (medical records, doctor contact information, etc.)
  6. Details about your current or former employment and income (dating back to 15 years before your disability)
  7. Your birth certificate, proof of citizenship, military papers (if applicable), latest W-2s and tax returns, documents from any temporary or permanent workers' comp benefits

Can You File for Disability for Someone Else?

If your disability, whether physical or mental, prevents you from completing the application independently, can someone you trust complete the application on your behalf?

Yes. In fact, the Social Security Administration provides excellent instructions on how to allow someone else to complete your benefits application on your behalf. You do not even have to authorize them as an official legal representative so long as you are present to grant permission and sign the application for yourself. This particularly refers to the online application versus a physical application. Your representative can complete either the online or physical application for you, but the final signature must be yours.

If you are able to sign the online application once the person assisting you has completed it, then it will immediately be sent to the Social Security Administration for processing. If you are unable to complete the signature stage of the online application, then the person filling out the application for you must request that the application be sent to you as a physical form so that you might sign to the best of your capability.

Focused on Your Needs & Future

We are a hands-on, responsive Social Security Disability law firm for people and families in need throughout southeast Michigan, frequently helping clients in Detroit and Traverse City. Our firm’s founder Barry Adler is a native of Detroit who relates well to people in all kinds of challenging situations. If you have questions or need help, you can contact us anytime, knowing that you can get counsel without paying any fees at all unless and until you receive your benefits.

Get started on your application today by calling our Michigan legal team at (888) 966-9524 – we’re available at any time and can conduct your consultation in English or Spanish.

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