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Michigan Denied Social Security Claims Lawyer

Has Your Claim Been Unfairly Denied?

If you cannot work due to disability, the first step toward getting benefits from the government is to complete and file the required application forms. Depending on the program that covers your situation, you may be able to apply online via the Internet, or you may need to set an appointment at your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office.

It typically takes three to four months to get a decision. Unfortunately, the denial rate for initial Social Security (SSDI and SSI) claims is very high — almost certainly above 70 percent in our state and well above 60 percent nationwide.

Based on extensive experience, we strongly believe filing a professionally prepared application substantially improves your chance of approval, and our Michigan denied Social Security claims lawyer at Adler Firm, PLLC is ready to help. With offices in Traverse City and Detroit, we help individuals throughout Michigan with disability applications and appeals.

Has your claim been denied? You still have options – learn more about how we can help by contacting our team online or by phone at (888) 966-9524 for a free consultation.

Helping People Who Need Benefits with Applications & Appeals

Receiving a claim denial letter does not end your chances of getting disability benefits, but it does mean an appeal is necessary — and that process can take an additional two years or even longer. At the appeal stage, it is essential to have an attorney who knows the system on your side.

We can:

  • Carefully evaluate your claim denial, whether the reason involved your medical condition or some other issue involving your eligibility
  • Develop a strategy and take action to build your case for receiving benefits on appeal — often by learning more about your disability and collecting additional medical evidence
  • File your appeal and guide you through all remaining steps, including preparing you thoroughly for your review hearing before a judge and attending that hearing with you

What to Do If You Have Been Denied Social Security Benefits?

Most people hear or learn about Social Security Disability benefits and apply on their own. Few realize that most claims are initially denied.

If your initial Social Security Disability application has been denied, the next available step is an appeal. You must take action promptly or your case may be closed. Unlike many other states, Michigan currently has no “reconsideration” phase other than to start a formal process that can lead to a hearing before a judge.

Our attorney has an outstanding track record of winning benefits for people who cannot work. We are deeply immersed in Social Security law and the workings of this complex government system.

Steps we can take include:

  • Improving the medical evidence to substantiate your qualifying medical condition and inability to work, sometimes obtaining a clear diagnosis that fits the government agency’s “list of impairments”
  • Effectively addressing other reasons — such as questions about your income or work history
  • Preparing you and your appeal case thoroughly for your hearing, based on our extensive knowledge of how judges in southeast Michigan make their determinations

How the Social Security Disability Appeals Process Works

It may be incredibly obvious to you and those close to you why you cannot work — for a year, for the conceivable future, or possibly for the rest of your life. However, the government-employed evaluators who make decisions on Social Security Disability applications do so without meeting you, let alone feeling your pain.

Most Social Security Disability benefit claims — estimates indicate 80 percent or greater — are initially denied. If you have received a denial letter, you must act within 60 days to have a chance of winning on appeal. In most cases, your case will be decided by a judge at a hearing.

Caring, Informed Counsel & Solid Preparation for Your Hearing

We encourage clients to talk with us and have us file their applications, applying our extensive knowledge of the system. However, most people apply for disability on their own and look for an attorney only after being denied. Our lawyer has an outstanding track record of winning valid claims on appeal throughout Michigan.

Our approach includes:

  • Ensuring that your “file” contains the most compelling available evidence supporting your qualifying medical condition and inability to work
  • Gaining a strong understanding of other factors that may have entered into your claim denial and being prepared with answers for those potential concerns
  • Sharing our decades of experience and insight into what questions you may be asked by the judge at your hearing
  • Attending the hearing with you as your attorney and advocate — a critical service national firms may not provide

Put Compassion, Legal Skills & Decades of Experience on Your Side

Many people we help have never appeared before a judge or entered a “courtroom” setting. At Adler Firm, PLLC, we believe in putting you as much at ease as possible and relieving the stress of this intimidating situation.

We recognize that your financial stability and future are on the line, and we are committed to providing you with quality representation every step of the way.

For a free, no-risk consultation with a Michigan denied Social Security claims attorney ready to help you, please call or email our office today at (888) 966-9524. We have offices conveniently located in Detroit and Traverse City.

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    “My family and I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done.”

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