No-Risk Legal Representation

Get Social Security Disability Help From a No-Win, No-Fee Disability Attorney

If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits — or if your initial claim has been denied, as millions are each year — you almost certainly have considerable stress in your life.

One thing you should not have to worry about is whether you can afford a proven, accomplished lawyer to help you get the benefits you need and deserve. Adler Firm, PLLC, takes that worry off the table for hundreds of people in Michigan each year.

If you need help with your disability claim or simply have questions, contact for firm today by calling +1-888-873-7173. You will pay nothing up front to have a lawyer evaluate your case thoroughly and offer counsel based on decades of experience and deep knowledge of how the Social Security system works.

You take no risk at all, because:

  • If you qualify for benefits, we will prepare your application professionally or build your case and help you appeal the claim denial you recently received.
  • If and when we succeed in obtaining benefits for you — and our success rate trends between 80 and 90 percent — our fee is set by law as a percentage of the back-due benefits you receive.
  • You will receive personal, focused attention from attorneys with thousands of Social Security Disability victories behind them for the same contingent fee you would pay an impersonal national firm or far less experienced lawyer.

You Have Nothing to Lose by Hiring the Best Social Security Lawyer You Can Find

Essentially, you can hire our no-win, no-fee disability lawyers for free, and put your trust in us to pursue every angle to win your case. Depending on your situation, you could receive one sizable check for back-due benefits and then monthly checks for a year, many years or the rest of your life.

For our efforts, we can collect only a percentage of that first check, and never more than $6,000 under the law as it stands in 2010. For no-risk legal representation by lawyers who work hard for disabled individuals and families in need every day, please call or email us now.

Our office in Farmington Hills serves the metro Detroit area. We also have an office in Traverse City to serve clients in the northwestern part of the state. We represent people from all over Michigan. We can get started over the telephone, and you can count on an honest evaluation of what we believe we can accomplish for you.