Role of Your Social Security Lawyer

How to Apply for Social Security Disability in Michigan?

Almost anyone can learn how to apply for Social Security Disability in Michigan. Actually getting approved and receiving benefits, however, is a different matter, since reliable estimates put the initial SSDI/SSI claim denial rate near 70 percent. Once you have to appeal, that process can take two years or longer, because as of May 2010, Michigan had a backlog of 40,000-plus cases, according to a Detroit Free Press article.

Simply stated, you have a much better chance to win your claim and get the disability benefits you deserve with an experienced professional on your side. With thousands of successful cases behind us, our Social Security attorneys know the system, how to build your case for approval and how to work through each step as efficiently as possible. Consult with us free to discuss your disability, financial needs and where you stand in the application or appeal process.

Working Hard to Save You the Long Wait and Stress of a Claim Denial

Some law firms only handle Social Security Disability appeals. At the Adler Firm, PLLC, in Traverse City, we will step in and help you file a well prepared application. We know from experience that how this is done can make the difference between an approval for benefits and an appeal that means a wait of two years or longer — a wait you almost certainly cannot afford.

Building Your Best Case for Success on Appeal

If you do have to appeal your claim denial, the role of your Social Security Disability lawyer is critical. This means battling a huge, complex bureaucracy, and we know how, focusing on actions such as:

  • Ensuring all the facts surrounding your claim are accurate and clearly presented
  • Gathering and organizing medical test results, physician opinions and reports, and other evidence supporting your inability to work and serious need for financial benefits
  • Preparing you thoroughly for your appeal hearing and appearing before the judge with you

We understand that you may be struggling financially and have serious concerns about your future. When you have so much on the line, you need experienced, determined legal counsel. It costs no more to hire our focused, local attorneys than any other lawyer or firm — because you pay a fee only if you win, and that fee is determined by law as a percentage of back-due benefits you receive.