Children’s SSI Cases / Dependent Benefits

SSI for Children and Dependents

Raising a child with a serious physical or mental disability can be extremely demanding in terms of time and effort. Parents and families of challenged kids often face severe financial adversity, too. One important source of money to help support disabled minor children is Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a need-based federal program your child may be eligible for if you have very limited income and assets.

With offices in Detroit and Traverse City, our disability lawyers are here to help people throughout Michigan pursue all types of valid claims for Social Security Disability benefits. We can help you understand the requirements, file your application or appeal the decision if your claim has been denied.

Helping Children and Families in Need Get Critical Financial Support

If your family income is quite limited and you own little more than essential items such as a home, car, clothing and furniture, your disabled child may be eligible to receive monthly SSI checks. Some qualifying medical conditions include:

  • Any severe physical injury or illness that limits your child’s self-sufficiency and ability to perform activities as other children do
  • Various types of birth injuries and birth defects
  • A mental disability such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), autism, bipolar disorder or diagnosed clinical depression or anxiety

Skilled, Experienced Legal Counsel When You Apply or Need to Appeal

Our attorneys understand the nuances of children’s Social Security Disability applications, including how best to define a child’s disability, what medical information to provide and how judges tend to view these cases on appeal. Dependent benefits are also available to some minor children of parents who are eligible for disability benefits or who earned eligibility before passing away.

At the Adler Firm, PLLC, we provide professional assistance on the front end — in the effort to avoid a lengthy appeal-and-hearing process. We also win many disability cases on appeal, appearing alongside our clients before administrative law judges.

For a free initial consultation on your disability benefits case, contact us anytime. You will pay no attorney fees unless you obtain benefits.