Benefits You Could Receive

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Michigan workers’ compensation benefits are defined under the law to include payments for medical care, lost wages and vocational rehabilitation. The attorneys at Adler Firm, PLLC, supported by a friendly, professional staff, focus on helping injured workers obtain all the benefits they deserve.

We encourage you to get us involved as soon as you know you have a serious, potentially long-term workers’ compensation claim. Having a proven lawyer on your side could be critical for getting the medical treatment you need and preserving your financial stability.

Focused on Ensuring You Receive All the Money You Deserve Under the Law

Our decades of successful experience handling workers’ compensation claims can be a tremendous asset for you as you seek fair, just benefits for:

  • Medical care — including all “reasonable and necessary” treatment, services and equipment, including hospitalization, surgery and other needs, for as long as you need it to deal with your work-related injury
  • Wage loss — typically paid weekly, at a value of 80 percent of your net (after-tax) weekly wage, for as long as you are disabled from work because of the injury or work-related illness
  • Vocational rehabilitation — ranging from the employer making adjustments to your work station to payment for a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help you decide on the course of training or education you need to perform in a different job

Proven Lawyers on Your Side if Any Problem Arises With Your Benefits

Obstacles to getting the benefits you deserve can come up at any time during your claim. The employer might insist you are ready to return to work before you are recovered, for example, or an insurer might refuse to pay a specific bill for medical treatment. Sometimes, benefit checks simply stop coming or are delayed for weeks at a time, putting you under great stress.

Helping injured workers is a primary focus at our law firm. We are respected for our ability to go to bat for our clients to maximize their recovery. Whenever you have a question about your rights or benefits, you can contact us free of charge. We have offices in Traverse City and Detroit to serve you better. If we take on your case, you will owe no fees whatsoever unless and until we recover past-due financial benefits for you.