Medical Care

Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Michigan

Under Michigan workers’ compensation law, an injured employee is usually entitled to payment of all “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses related to the work injury or occupational illness. In reality, getting high-quality, comprehensive medical care for work injuries can be a serious challenge.

Your financial stability and future could depend on knowing your rights up front. Your employer or the insurer may not treat you fairly nor give you accurate information. Our focus when you contact us at the Adler Firm, PLLC, will be squarely on helping you by holding employers and workers’ compensation insurers accountable under the law.

Experienced Detroit Metro Lawyers Focused on Your Rights and Your Recovery

Over the past three decades, our attorneys have helped people with all types of serious work injuries get the medical care and other benefits they need. Under most circumstances, workers’ compensation insurance should cover doctors’ appointments, hospital services, surgery, prescription medication, nursing care and equipment or apparatus necessary to cure and relieve the injury to the greatest possible extent.

However, disputes arise often when insurers refuse to pay, stop paying, deny coverage for specific medical bills or begin making unfair demands on you as an injured worker. Problems our legal team can address for you include:

  • An unfair denial or delay of your claim — or refusal to pay specific bills — leaving you wondering how you will pay for the medical care and treatment you need
  • Insistence that you can only see a company doctor or other approved physician — even after the initial 10-day period, when the law allows you to choose your own medical provider
  • A biased diagnosis by an independent medical examiner (IME) chosen by the insurer
  • Underpayment of your benefits, which likely should include payment of transportation costs to medical appointments

Do Not Struggle on Your Own With an Uncooperative Employer or Insurer

Financial pressures and uncertainty lead many people to try getting by without checkups, procedures and services essential to their recovery. Our attorneys and entire legal team are here to help protect your rights and keep you out of that situation. At any point after you suffer a work injury, we encourage you to contact us for a free, no-risk consultation.

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