Vocational Retraining

Vocational Rehabilitation After a Workplace Injury

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The need for “rehabilitation” after a work injury can become a source of dispute — but if you need medical services or education in order to get back to work, there is a very good chance the law is on your side. In addition to medical care and lost wages, Michigan workers’ compensation law provides for vocational rehabilitation benefits.

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Helping You Get the Services You Need to Return to Work

Our legal team has extensive medical knowledge and a strong understanding of all the benefits you can receive. After anything from a neck or back injury to the diagnosis of a disabling condition such as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), we may be able to help you get vocational rehabilitation, such as:

  • An adjustment to your work station or working conditions that enables you to perform your former job
  • Help from a vocational rehabilitation specialist in order to define another job with your employer that you can perform
  • Up to two years of retraining or re-education enabling you to return to the work force in a different occupation or for a different employer

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While it may seem less pressing than immediate medical treatment and replacement of your lost wages, vocational rehabilitation after a workplace injury can be critical to your future. For protection of all your rights under Michigan workers’ compensation law, please call or email our metro Detroit attorneys and legal team today.