Truck Driver Injuries

Compensation for Truck Drivers After a Trucking Accident

Professional truck drivers have extremely demanding jobs, often working long hours and dealing with many hazards both on and off the road. At the Adler Firm, PLLC, in Detroit and Traverse City, we are prepared to consult with you after a trucking accident or any on-the-job injury. Our decades of experience extend across thousands of complex workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

However it happened, an injury on the job could put your immediate or long-term future as a trucker in doubt. It can be critical to take fast action and get a dedicated attorney on the case, not only to protect your workers’ compensation claim but also to look intently for other potential sources of financial compensation.

Fighting for Full, Fair Injury Compensation or Long-Term Disability Benefits

Truck driver injuries come in many forms and can happen in a wide range of ways. Lifting, loading or unloading can cause a serious injury, just as a collision can. We will investigate and offer counsel after:

  • A highway, street or parking accident in your semi, tractor-trailer rig, delivery or construction vehicle — regardless of whether you believe you or another driver was at fault
  • You have suffered a back, shoulder, neck, knee or other physical injury that will keep you from performing your job duties for at least eight days
  • You have been diagnosed with a heart condition, mental impairment or other serious ailment that makes truck driving an unacceptable risk

Versatility across the areas of law that impact truck drivers and other industrial workers is an important strength for our southeast Michigan law firm. Proven lawyer Barry Adler offers extensive personal attention and the ability to pursue your workers’ compensation, personal injury or Social Security Disability claim through all necessary phases.

Free Consultation and Representation on Contingency:

We respect what you do for a living and want to help you deal with medical expenses, lost wages and other needs. For an experienced truck accident attorney who will look at all aspects of your crash or other injury-causing event and work hard to help you get all the compensation you deserve, contact us at the Adler Firm, PLLC. We represent clients from across the state from our offices in Traverse City and Detroit.