Role of Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Michigan

Unlike law firms that will get involved only if your workers’ compensation claim has been unfairly denied, the attorneys at Adler Firm, PLLC, will offer guidance at any point after your work injury.

Whether you want to understand and protect your rights when filing for workers’ compensation in Michigan — or you have run into problems with your employer or the insurance company — please call us at +1-888-873-7173 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

For decades, we have been helping hardworking people throughout Michigan, get all the benefits they deserve. We know that your financial stability and family well-being are on the line if you cannot work for a period of weeks, months, or longer.

Good representation should never be out of reach. We have offices in Detroit and Traverse City to serve you better.

Clear, Practical Legal Guidance and Protection of Your Right to Benefits

In an all-out effort to protect our clients’ rights and futures, our team focuses on providing:

  • Practical, clear advice to help you navigate complex laws and procedures so that you can better focus on your medical treatment and recovery
  • Strong advocacy that levels the playing field for you when dealing with a profit-driven insurance company and employer, both of whom will have lawyers on their side
  • Intervention to stop insurance company harassment and hold employers and insurers accountable for everything they owe you under Michigan workers’ compensation law
  • Strong representation any time a dispute arises — ranging from refusal to pay a medical bill to delayed benefit checks or insistence that you return to work too soon

Personal Attention, Dedication, and Results

We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give our clients and the results we deliver. You can count on straight talk when you work with the Adler Firm, PLLC: We will tell you what your claim representative won’t tell you and what your employer may not admit knowing about your rights under the law.

Our track record of workers’ compensation victories covers many cases that were resolved through negotiations, many resulting in lump-sum settlements, and many that we took all the way through trial and appeals.

If you have been injured at work or are now suffering from an occupational disease, please call or email our hardworking law firm. You will owe us no fees whatsoever unless we take your case and succeed in obtaining benefits for you.