Stopping Insurance Company Harassment

Communicating With the insurer on Your Behalf

Dealing with sharp, highly trained insurance company representatives can be one of the most intimidating obstacles to getting fair compensation after a work injury. It may seem like the insurance company has all the resources and angles — until you involve a focused, experienced attorney.

If you ever feel misled, manipulated or harassed by the workers’ compensation insurance company involved in your claim, call the Adler Firm, PLLC, toll free at +1-888-873-7173.

Without charging any up-front fees, our dedicated legal team will evaluate your case and take action to protect your rights and your dignity. We represent clients in Traverse City, Detroit, and the greater tricounty area.

Skilled Defense of Your Rights Under the Law

If your injury or illness is covered under Michigan workers’ compensation law, you have rights that include:

  • Prompt payment of wage loss benefits — typically 80 percent of your average after-tax weekly wages
  • All reasonable and necessary medical care — with the right to choose your own doctor after 10 days under the care of a company-employed or company-approved doctor
  • Vocational rehabilitation if needed to help in your effort to return to work

Deep Insight Into the Strategies and Tactics Used by Insurers

Insurance companies are profit-focused. Their goal may be to find a way to deny your claim or minimize their payout, regardless of the impact on your health and future. Some tactics our clients have encountered are:

  • Insistence that you continue treatment only with the company doctor beyond the first 10 days after your injury
  • Lengthy delays in payment of your benefits, or issuance of inaccurate “low-ball” checks
  • Scheduling appointments with “independent” (we say “insurance”) medical examiners (IMEs) without giving you proper notice
  • Being followed and videotaped in the effort to shed doubt on a valid claim
  • Subtle threats and warnings, including being advised not to hire an attorney
  • Other harassment or deception about your rights under the law and eligibility for benefits

We Stand Up to Insurance Companies Every Working Day

Once we know your situation and who you are dealing with, we can often write a letter that will stop the harassment and put you in position to get the benefits you deserve. When you contact us, you can confidently consider Barry Adler your insurance company harassment lawyer as well as your dedicated workers’ comp lawyer.