What Your Claim Representative Won’t Tell You

Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Representative Is Not Your Friend

The basis of Michigan workers’ compensation law is that in return for protection against personal injury lawsuits when employees get hurt or suffer from an occupational disease, companies must provide insurance to pay for those workers’ medical costs, lost wages and necessary vocational retraining.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation insurance companies train their claims adjusters and other representatives in tactics to minimize what they must pay out. The rules, procedures and requirements can be intimidating, and it can be costly to believe what your claim representative tells you. Please call Adler Firm, PLLC, toll free at +1-888-873-7173 to get the straight story on your rights under Michigan workers’ compensation law.

Get the Straight Story on Your Rights and Benefits You Can Receive

A claim representative’s focus on protecting his or her company’s profits may be the most important reason you need an experienced workers’ compensation law firm on your side.

Problems we have overcome for our valued clients in greater Detroit, Traverse City and throughout Michigan, include:

  • Claim denials for a variety of invalid medical, technical or legal reasons
  • Stopping or minimizing your benefits
  • Insistence that you cannot see your own doctor after the first 10 days from reporting your claim — or otherwise advising you against receiving care you truly need
  • Unfair demands involving an “independent” (we say “insurance”) medical examiner (IME), such as setting required appointments without enough notice or using a biased evaluation to force you back to work before you are ready

Call for a Free Consultation on Your Workers’ Comp Claim or Dispute

Our lawyers know how critical it is for you to get timely, proper payments, and we will help you understand what to do and avoid common mistakes.

When a claims representative or your employer tells you something that doesn’t feel fair or right, it is always the best decision to contact our dedicated workers’ compensation law firm in Traverse City or Detroit.