Mental Impairments & Emotional Stress

Workers’ Compensation for Stress-Related Injuries in Michigan

Workers’ compensation claims based on mental impairments, such as work-induced anxiety, depression and PTSD, can be extremely challenging and complex.

At the Adler Firm, PLLC, we are prepared to pursue valid workers’ comp claims, as well as Social Security Disability claims, arising from these very real, very painful and life-changing conditions.

Our attorneys and staff treat each client with respect and compassion. Recognizing that you may feel you are in a desperate situation — unable to perform your work duties but uncertain of your legal options for getting compensation enabling you to recover — we encourage you to contact us anytime.

Resourceful Michigan Lawyers Prepared to Help You Get Financial Benefits

Our reputation for legal skill and integrity extends throughout the Detroit metro area. Since 1986, our law firm has been a dependable, trustworthy resource for injured workers and other attorneys who want the best for their clients. We are here to help if you are dealing with:

  • A serious workplace harassment claim or situation involving a hostile work environment that has made it impossible for you to keep working in your current job
  • A diagnosed or yet-to-be-diagnosed mental impairment such as clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar syndrome
  • Stress-related injuries caused by supervisory pressure to perform beyond your reasonable capacity

A Proven Legal Resource for Your Workers’ Comp or Social Security Claim

Many employment lawyers in southeast Michigan know that we are a proven resource for clients who have a valid workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability claim.

Whether you live or work in Traverse City, Detroit or elsewhere in the Detroit tricounty metro area, you can turn to our attorneys with confidence that they will rigorously assess your situation and legal options. Our constant goal is to get results for you — results that protect your own and your family’s financial stability and future.