Neck, Back & Spinal Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Spinal Cord Injuries

Alder Firm, PLLC, is a proven and respected resource for injured workers throughout Michigan. A high percentage of our clients are auto workers, factory workers, construction workers and other people who have suffered serious neck, back and spinal injuries.

You can turn to us with confidence in our knowledge of your rights under workers’ compensation law, as well as our proven ability to investigate the accident and determine if you have a valid personal injury claim against a party other than your employer.

Whatever your exact situation and circumstances, our attorneys and staff will treat you with respect and prioritize your recovery and financial well-being.

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, we have another office in Detroit. Good representation should never be out of reach. Wherever you are in the state, we can help. If traveling to one of our offices is not convenient, we can be reached by telephone as well. Just call +1-888-873-7173.

Caring, Assertive Lawyers Who Will Understand Your Specific Medical Problem

Under Michigan workers’ compensation law, you are probably entitled to benefits that cover your medical treatment, lost wages and any need for vocational rehabilitation. Unfortunately, seeking fair benefits on your own — without a proven, knowledgeable lawyer — can lead to severe stress and frustration when your focus should be on recovery from:

  • Ruptured or herniated discs that prevent you from performing your job duties without excruciating pain
  • Disc injuries and other spinal cord injuries that may call for surgery or extensive physical therapy
  • Back injuries due to repeated lifting, twisting or other demanding work activities

Case Building and Legal Action to Make a Real Difference for You

Leveraging decades of experience helping thousands of injured workers, we can help ensure your neck, back or spinal injury is specifically diagnosed and documented. Should your workers’ compensation claim be denied or disputed — or if you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits because you cannot work for a year or longer — this step can become critical.

To consult free with a work injury lawyer who will understand your needs and explain your legal options clearly, please call now.