Overuse/Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive Use Work Injury Lawyer

Not all disabling work injuries happen in an instant, while lifting a heavy load or due to a fall. Many auto workers, factory workers and office workers find themselves suffering constant pain that gets worse over time and ultimately requires them to seek medical treatment or even find another way to make a living.

At Adler Law, PLLC, we are experienced work injury attorneys who are skilled at handling carpal tunnel and other repetitive injury claims. Our knowledge extends across all aspects of Michigan workers’ compensation law and the procedures required to obtain Social Security Disability benefits from the federal government.

Please contact us for proven protection of your rights, informed guidance on treatment options, and more. We have offices conveniently located in Traverse City and Detroit to serve you better.

Whatever Your Disabling Condition, Effective Legal Help is Available

Veteran workers’ compensation and disability attorney Barry Adler has the knowledge to help you get financial benefits if you are suffering from a serious repetitive use or overuse injury, including:

  • A back, neck or spinal injury, including a degenerative disc problem, caused by repetitive lifting in your job as a factory worker, warehouse worker, mail room employee or in another role
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome — a serious, legitimate condition suffered by many factory and office workers

As natives of the Detroit area fighting for workers’ rights since 1980, our lawyers and staff will give an all-out effort to help you get the treatment you need and recover meaningful financial stability. We fully understand that claims for repetitive use injuries may be contested by an employer or workers’ compensation insurer focused on minimizing their obligation and payout to you.

No Attorney Fees Unless We Help You Obtain Benefits. Call Now.

Some lawyers will only step in with counsel and action for you after your workers’ compensation or disability claim has been denied. At the Adler Firm, PLLC, we encourage you to turn to us for free, no-risk guidance as soon as a repetitive use or overuse injury becomes a problem for you. We want to protect your rights and do all we can to help you get the benefits you deserve.